CM3+ Features


Equipped with control IC,
Autonomous distributed servo system

COOL MUSCLE 3+ is the Integrated Servo System equipped with devices such as driver and controller required for motor control. In addition, a periodic calculation processing function that enables conditional branch processing and calculation processing according to the operating conditions and external environment is implemented.
The motor (CM3+) itself can operate autonomously, contributing to lower costs for the entire system.

Equipped with control IC,Autonomous distributed servo system

Simplification by Autonomous Distributed Control

In a conventional system, the PLC controls all the devices. It is suitable when complicated control needs to be centrally managed, but expensive PLCs are often used even when controlling simple equipment or small systems.
Autonomous distributed control is possible with CM3+, the burden on the PLC can be reduced, and host controlling systems can be simplified, costs can be reduced, and wiring can be omitted (eliminated).

Conventional system(Central Management System)
CM3+(Autonomous Distributed Control)

Branch processing during positioning operation
A new intelligent multitasking motor

There are two types of CM3+ programs, a "Motion Bank" that describes operation sequences such as positioning operations, and a "Logic Bank" that describes the entire sequence, and these programs can be executed at the same time. These two programs enable conditional branch processing and arithmetic processing according to the operating conditions and external environment, enabling a wider range of control development.

Branch processing during positioning operatio A new intelligent multitasking motor

Achieves high precision, speed, and torque
at low cost by simple commands
from a familiar interface

Simplest operation

Simplest operation

The communication is serial communication based on RS232C so special equipment or software is not required.

Multi-axis network with wiring reduction

Multi-axis network with wiring reduction

The network can be established by the Daisy Chain method, and a multi-axis network up to 15 axes can be constructed simply by connecting the motors with cables.


Supports various control methods

Operation data can be set, selected, and executed from a host controller.I/O, RS232C, Modbus (RTU) / RS485 communication can be selected.
*EtherNet/IP communication will be released in 2022.


Higher torque compared to servo motors.

When controlling the torque of servo motor, it must be used in the rated torque (torque of about 30% of the maximum torque). On the other hand, you can control CM3+ within approximately 80% of the maximum torque. The motor size is reduced, and a torque control system can be realized at a lower cost.

Push Torque 0.32Nm
Push Torque 1.05Nm