CM3+ Communication



MUSCLE’s own unique CML (COOL MUSCLE Language) by ASCII without hand shake lets you set and control. You can easily but precisely control a motor by writing simple data as position (P), speed (S), acceleration (A) and etc. Also functions can be easily assigned to CM by parameters by using CML.
You can build the Daisy Chain network with up to 15 axes of CM from single serial port and the motors in the network can be controlled by CML.

*Programs in the Motors that were written by ASCII can be saved and executed by DIOs.


Modubs RTU(RS-485)

Multi-axis control by RS485
Up to 32 axes of CM3+ can be connected from the host controller. Since there is no need for a separate driver, it is possible to start up compact and speedy equipment that saves the trouble of wiring.
Operating pattern
The following operation modes are possible with the CM3+Modubus option.
  • ・PTP operation (absolute positioning)
  • ・INC operation (relative positioning)
  • ・PTP pressing operation (absolute positioning pressing operation)
  • ・INC pressing operation (relative positioning pressing operation)

* Bank programs and logic programs cannot be used with the Modbus RTU (RS485) option.