Privacy Policy

Personal Information

All personal information, hereafter "personal information", is defined as any information that identifies or can be used to identify the person to whom such information pertains. It is our duty to protect such information and we enforce the following privacy protection policies.

  • We set a standard procedure for dealing with personal information and organize our organizational structure and put effort to protect personal information property.
  • We will never collect or use personal information without an agreement.
  • We will collect only necessary personal information with disclosure of the purpose of collecting personal information and within our contact for personal information.
  • Personal information collected will be used only within the scope of the purpose and be properly managed. It will never be disclosed, given or rented to a third party unless there is an exception such as a legal enforcement to do so.
  • Personal information will be kept correct and up to date. We will take measures to avoid unauthorized access, lost, damage, unauthorized changes, leakage and corrections.
  • Should personal information be processed outside our company, we will bind the third party with a contract which does not allow them to disclose information and enforces the proper management of the information.
  • In the case that you would like personal information to be confirmed, or amended, please contact us. We will meet your request within a reasonable scope.
  • We will conform to laws and standard regarding personal information as well as put every effort to maintain and improve the privacy protection act and action above.