CM3+ Software


COOL WORKS QUICK is a support software that facilitates parameter setting, point setting, and graph creation for CM3, CM3+, and greatly reduces development time.

Target model:CM3 / CM3+

Point Window
Point Window

Up to 32 points can be set by simple and intuitive operation.

Control Type Change Tool

The software allows you to switch between each type, direct type, IO type and pulse type. By changing the type, one motor can support various controller interfaces, serial communication, IO, and pulse signals.

Graph Window
Graph Window

Various data plots are available, such as motor position, speed and torque. Since the command value and the actual value can be plotted on the same screen, the adjustment time can be shortened.

Program creation support tool (β-version)

CM3+ programs can be created intuitively from a browser. It is possible to convert units for each application, create programs for up to 3 axes, and export created programs. *This is a development beta version. We are not responsible for any malfunctions or accidents caused by this application.

Target model:CM3+

Communication Software for Modbus RTU(RS485)