Easily operate testing machines and in-house
equipment from your PC

CM3+ solves these problems

  • I don't want to prepare a microcomputer or PLC for the prototype design.
  • I want to control a motor(s) from a PC for an in-house inspection jig and record the inspection results.
  • I have no experience in motor control, but I want to easily control a motor(s) in order to display my product at the exhibition.
  • I want to run a motor(s) on my desk.

Simple control from PC

you can run it in 3 minutes.

Are there any restrictions on the PC environment?
The software we provide is compatible with Windows 10.

Multi-motor control from PC

Multiple motors in a network can also be operated from a PC No driver box is required to connect to each motor.

Multi-motor control from PC
How many motors can be connected?
Is there a communication delay when connecting multiple motors?
Up to 15 motors can be connected.
There is a communication delay of about 0.3 msec per character.

Monitoring from PC

CM3+ is equipped with monitoring functions
such as motor status acquisition and graph drawing.

Monitoring from PC
Application example
Is it possible to get the data and export it to Excel?
Data can be output at regular intervals by setting monitoring parameters.
By writing the output data to Excel, it is possible to manage and analyze the data.

Customer-specific PC software development

Customer-specific PC software can be easily developped by using C language.