Membership terms
As well as complying with the Act concerning Protection of Personal Information, the Muscle corporation has formulated its own “Personal Information Protection Provisions” in recognition of the importance of protecting the privacy the Muscle corporation strictly adheres to these provisions and revisions.
The personal information you have provided may be used in guidance on products and services of the Muscle Corporation and our distributors.
1) The Muscle corporation will, together with the establishment of an appropriate system for the protection of personal information that takes account of the content and scope of each field, appropriately manage the collection, use, provision (inclusive of outsourced parties), disclosure, amendment, suspension and deletion of personal information in accordance with the stipulated regulations.
2) The Muscle corporation will use the customer’s personal information in accordance with the following reasons:
* Request for customer satisfaction survey.
* Response to inquiry or request from customer.
Under some circumstances our company may have to use, or disclose, customers private information.