Muscle Technology & Exhibition Display

COOL MUSCLE, “Integrated AC Servo System”, combining a Motor, Encoder, Driver and Controller (PLC Function and Power Supply for CM2 only) into one fully integrated package, realized complicated motion, such as “3D Transportation System” or “Autonomous, Distributed and Cooperative System” as the simplest system ever by eliminating wirings and saving a space.


A wire-driven space movement system using an 8-axis motor. Precise control of the position and posture of the moving object is possible, and scalability is also free. It can be deployed in a vast space.

Vertical wire driven 3D printer

By using the control of the space movement system COOL WIRE of the wire-driven system by the 8-axis motor, it is possible to printer on the wall. COOL WIRE can precisely control the position and posture of the mobile, and can be expanded to a vast space with free scalability.

White Peacock

The peacock feathers are controlled by CM1. By programing CM1, it is possible to operate easily with a single switch.

Robotic Choreographer 「Last Note」

3 axes of COOL MUSCLE 2 (CM2) via EtherCAT COOL MUSCLE Bridge are comprised in this robot. The robot with the name of “Choreographer” can realize both brisk and fluent movements just like a dancer.

Posing Mannequin "QLOGO"

QLOGO is a robotic mannequin, which can walk and run by 9 axes of COOL MUSCLE (CM1). All structure can be built-in inside of a slim mannequin body because CM1 is compact enough.


This robot is comprised of three modules. Each module has 4 axes of COOL MUSCLE (CM1) and one EtherCAT COOL MUSCLE Bridge. No programming. Just teach the motion. KUROKO robot can learn the motion by direct teaching, store and execute the motion data.

EtherCAT Robot System

PC with real-time OS controls 3 axes of COOL MUSCLE 2 via EtherCAT. PC generates 3D motion trajectory and CM2s generate 3D motion by the trajectory.

Desktop Type

Simple but precise control is possible by using 3pcs of COOL MUSCLE by Daisy Chain Network. It contributes to reducing wirings and space and eliminating a controlling device in desktop machine.

3D Transportation System

COOL MUSCLE 2 that is integrated with a motor, encoder, driver, controller, PLC function and power supply realized the 3D interpolation transportation connecting only to the communication and power lines.

Cool Muscle Concept

MUSCLE CORPORATION President, Hirofumi Tamai talks about the COOL MUSCLE concept that integrates an encoder, driver and controller (PLC function and power supply in CM2 additionally).


Developed the electrical equipment of FDA approved respirator. Starting with this development, the reliable design creativity through the experience contributes to precise control of medical equipment. COOL MUSCLE has been used in various medical and healthcare applications.

Medicine packing machine

COOL MUSCLE motors are used for all axes, except label printing axis. Set a bottle, put a label, sort by amount then put it in a bottle. COOL MUSCLE has everything to achieve simplification and compactification.

FA Machine

Make FA system more compact and intelligent. We contribute to the FA system development that requires general versatility, wide range of system architecture and better simplicity & flexibility than ever before. It also contributes to wiring, space and cost reduction of the entire system.

AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle)

CM2 is used for the conveyor part of the AGV equipped with an articulated robot. The compact CM2 can be mounted on a AGV.

Desktop Type Automatic Crimping Machine

CM2 is adopted in Asahi Seiki’s desktop type automatic crimping machine. PLC function of CM2 eliminates control devices and reduces the cost of the entire machine. In addition, CM2 contributed to down-sizing machine and reducing wirings.

Cardboard Sample Cutting Machine

Multiple CM1s are used in the head portion of the machine. Since CM1 is integrated and compact, it fits into a mechanism with limited space. CM1’s high speed and high torque contributes to shortening tact time.


2 axes COOL MUSCLE used in the Daisy Chain Network to wind iron wire in. Traverse & winding axes make a coordinated precise winding motion. Also, it contributes to a space saving and wiring reduction inside of applications.

Automatic Unloader

Multiple CM1s are used for automatic blade material processing machine contributing to cost reduction and space & wiring saving. CM1’s precise positioning and high-power control is the best solution for the servo motor replacement.

LED Dispenser

LED Dispenser Dispensing very precise amount of liquid of different viscosity by Cool Muscle. External driver & controller are not needed. Precise control is achieved by closed-loop vector control.

Bottle Tightening Machine

18 COOL MUSCLEs are used in a machine. Bottles travel 9 stations and inspected by photograph and weight. It also inspects the cap tightness and to tighten the cap if necessary.

Screen Printer

High performance automatic screen printing press, powered by COOL MUSCLE 2, set a new world record of 2139 T-Shirts screen printed in one hour by a single operator. COOL MUSCLE 2 can be easily integrated into existing designs and used to shorten the development cycle of new machines.

Pick & Place

Over the last 10 years, Exatron has been using 9 COOL MUSCLEs from Nema11 CM1 to 200W CM2 in the Pick & Place Handler machine. COOL MUSCLE’s integration and precision via RS232-C network contributed to the simplicity of the machine.

Paper Feeder

COOL MUSCLE 2s are used for paper feeding that shifts the paper angle 90 degrees and the paper press axis. The advantages are the elimination of external devices and the number of wirings. It has solved problems of conventional system.

Inspection system

Cool Muscle motors are used for X & Y axes for CCD inspection application. Communication speed and space saving configuration are the reasons to use.


COOL MUSCLEs are used for all 5 axes in the robot. It contributes to the space saving, cost reduction and higher performance. Integration and cost reduction are the keys for this robot.


COOL MUSCLE is used for a wide variety of applications other than medical and FA industries. Integrated and precise COOL MUSCLE contributes to down-sizing and to higher the precision of your application.

3D Printer

The world first full-color 3D printer. COOL MUSCLEs are used to move printer head. Faster printing time is achieved by high speed and precise control. Noise from motor is less than usual by motor’s smooth motion.