I want to make the device smaller and less costly.
I want to improve the operating performance.

CM3+ with built-in driver, controller, encoder and motor can make this possible.

1 The integrated structure eliminates the need for an external driver board, making it possible to reduce the size of the device.

Integral structure

2 Achieves servo performance at low cost.

  • ●Maximum resolution: 12,000 ppr
  • ●Closed-loop vector control
  • ●Price: Stepper motor < CM3+ < Servo motor

3 Storing programs in CM3+ reduces the development time of microcontroller.

Storing programs
Isn't the motor size increased by the integrated structure?
Also, are there any disadvantages such as being more likely to be failed by the integrated structure?
Extra space is required for the L dimension +20.5 mm and the height +13.5 to 21.75 mm with respect to the motor size. However, since CM3+ can output a large torque with respect to the motor size, a smaller size of CM3+ can be used compared to a motor in general. Please click for the motor size.The risk of failure can be reduced by suppressing heat generation by the CM3+'s optimal current control agaist external load and protection functions.We have many experiences such as semiconductor devices with high duty ratio and medical equipment with strict failure risk management.

Reduction of microcomputer development time

General motors

Since programs for motor are stored in microcomputer and commands are sent to a motor(s) every time, the development of microcomputer programs and the processing capacity are required.

General motors


Since programs can be stored in CM3+, CM3+ controls itself as programed only by applying a start signal. It is possible to significantly reduce the developing of motor control for microcomputers.


CM3+ program function (Logic Bank)

Integrated microcomputer in the CM3+ lets you perform conditional branching processing and arithmetic processing according to the operating conditions and external environment, and make a wider range of control development possible.
* CM3+ has 2 kinds of program, an operation sequence program such as positioning (Motion Bank) and a program that periodically executes conditional branch processing and arithmetic processing (Logic Bank), and those two programs can be executed at the same time.

Logic Bank

Case 1: Direct control from a touch panel

Since CM3+ has a built-in microcomputer, a controller may not be necessary in some cases.
The total cost of the equipment can be significantly reduced.

Control the motor directly from a simple touch panel

touch panel

Case 2: Direct control by customization

CM3+ is equipped with various functions and parameter settings, and can be customized to fit in your application.
It is also possible to propose an optimal control for customer's application by using the microcomputer in CM3+.

Is it possible to outsource the development of microcomputers?
Please contact us from the following as we will consult with you individually.