Return Product
Please follow the steps below to return product to MUSCLE CORPORATION. Please contact your supplier for the details.
1. Necessary Information
Following information is necessary to return product. Please prepare before returning product.
  Company Name, Division Name, Personnel Name
  Email Address, Posting Address, Phone & Fax Numbers
  Product Code, Serial Number
  Reason of Return:Problem, Aspect
2. Return Format
Download the “Return Format” from this web page, fill up the above necessary information then send it to your supplier to inform them.
3. Shipment of Return Product
Attach the filled up “Return Format” to the product including bandled items and ship the product to supplier at shipper’s expense.
4. Acceptance and Analysis
After MUSCLE’s acceptance of returned product, MUSCLE analyses the returned product based on the “Reason of Return”.
5. Report
Analysis result will be informed through your supplier. If a repair is needed, details of repair and its expense will be informed with analysis result. Even if any damage or defect is not found on the product, an analysis fee is applied and informed as well.
6. Repair and Shipment
After MUSCLE accepts an order from supplier, the repair and shipment of returned product will be proceeded.

Product Warranty
MUSCLE CORPORATION (hereinafter “MUSCLE”) warrants the MUSCLE’s products as stated in the following articles.
1. Covered Products
New MUSCLE’s products (the COOL MUSCLE products listed in this website’s motion pages) purchased directly from MUSCLE, or from MUSCLE’s authorized distributors are covered by this warranty.
The defect due to the product’s life span or replacement of consumable parts and life-limited components are not covered by this warranty.
2. Warranty Period
Twelve (12) months from the date of shipment from MUSCLE, unless specified separately.
3. Warranty Scope
If a defect that is attributable to MUSCLE is discovered within the warranty period, MUSCLE replaces or repairs a defect free of charge.
However, this warranty does not cover any defects that result from the following causes.
 ① Improper handling, abuse or use in unsuitable conditions or environments that is not stated in a product manual or in any separately agreed-upon specifications.
 ② Causes that are not attributed to the product itself.
 ③ Modifications or repairs not performed by MUSCLE.
 ④ Abuse of the product in a manner in which it was not originally intended.
 ⑤ Causes that were not foreseeable with the scientific and technological understanding at the time of shipment from MUSCLE.
 ⑥ Event for which MUSCLE is not responsible such as natural or human disasters.
In addition, the warranty scope is limited to the delivered product itself. MUSCLE assumes no liability for the secondary damages (such as damage of equipment, loss of opportunities, loss of profits, etc) that were induced by the defect of the product and any other damages and losses are not covered by this warranty.
4. Scope of Intended Applications
The products are designed and manufacutured for use in general industrial applications.
Due to that it is not intended to use in the following usages, products used in the following usages are not covered by this warranty.
If purchasers use products for the following usages, please consult with MUSCLE to determine whether use in the following application is acceptable.
 ① Outdoor use or use in conditions or environments that are not stated in product manuals.
 ② Systems, machines and/or equipments that may present a risk to life or property such as nuclear systems, aviation systems, railroad systems, vessel systems, vehicle systems and medical equipment.
 ③ Systems that require a high degree of reliability such as systems that supply gas, water or electricity or systems that oprate 24 hours a day continously.
 ④ Uses that require high degree of consideration and care with respect to the safe corresponding to the above usages.
5. Warranty Procedure (Return Product)
If the purchaser discovers a defect that shall be covered by this warranty, the purchaser must promptly (and, in any event not more than 30 days after the discovery of such defect) notify a supplier. After notifying a supplier, the purchaser shall return, at purchaser’s expense, defective products to a supplier.

Note   The product names, specifications, appearance and accessories of products stated in product catalogs and manuals subject to change without notice.